We set out to answer these questions:

If I want to learn about a topic, what newsletters should I follow? 🧠

We wanted to group newsletters by learning topics so you can easily nurture your curiosity.

What newsletters are people reading? 🤓

Information is rampant, curation is not. We believe humans we admire are a great way to filter great content.

Every newsletter in this directory is thoroughly vetted and approved by newsletters lovers like you.

Where can I find the best independent writers?  ✍️

Although there's a place for manicured newsletters from major news outlets in our content diets, we wanted to discover more independent writers.

90%+ of our listed newsletters are from individuals with unfiltered and fresh takes about the world around them.

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Patricia Mou

By 🌚: Co-creator @NewsletterStack, write a newsletter @_wellnesswisdom, Builder @WisdomShelf. By 🌞: Product @StitchFix via @DoorDash

Phil Hedayatnia

By 🌚: Co-creator @NewsletterStack. By 🌞: Partner @AirfoilStudio, Sr. Product Designer @Monday.vc. Previously @southpkcommons @parabolahq @Neighborly @TrustedFor_ (YC S19).

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